Muscle Whey

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MUSCLE WHEY PROTEIN  is a fast absorbing high protein shake with L-Leycine, it can help, increase muscle protein synthesis through the TOR pathway. Norton et al (2006) L-Leycine,Regulates Translation Initiation of Protein Synthesis in Skeletal Muscle after Exercise. To achieve your best, you want the best protein. MUSCLE WHEY PROTEINS is a high-protein low-fat and low- carbohydrate protein, which can be used post-training to support muscle,Repair .Recovery  and growth, or throughout the day to meet protein needs. whey protein has a complete profile of amino acids and the highest levels of leucine in a single protein source Protein quality is important to the gain and maintenance of muscle mass. Whey protein is one Of the highest quality proteins  due to its amino acid content , (high essential, branched-chain and leucine animo acid content) and rapid digestibility Supplement protein in support of muscle mass and healthy advance Whey.